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Honored Hearts

This may be the most heartfelt, difficult time in the life you and your pet share.


It is common to wonder, "Am I doing the right thing?" You can never imagine saying goodbye, and it is hard to consider saying goodbye so deliberately.


But your beloved pet may be before you, tired and struggling, and you wonder what to do.

Dr. Mary Devlin and Honored Hearts want to help you through this time, providing your pet with the dignity, honor, and love that a family member deserves.


Together, we will look at your pet's comfort and enjoyment of life, and discuss what to do next.


Sometimes that means helping your pet through the end of its life with a plan for medications, treatments, and changes in its environment to make every day as enjoyable as possible.


Sometimes that means helping your pet pass with peace, honor, and love in the comfort of its own home, surrounded by the people who mean the most.


Dr. Mary has been through this before with her own beloved pets. That is why Honored Hearts exists, to offer this important service to pets and their families.


You can expect personal, compassionate care from an experienced veterinarian with a deep connection to this work.

Please call, text, email, or fill out our contact form. It would be an honor to help you.

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