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In-Home Euthanasia

This is a 45-60 minute appointment in your home, which includes a quality of life consultation, sedating medication for your beloved pet followed by a peaceful passing, and personal mementos, such as an ink paw print and a lock of fur.

Dr. Mary understands how difficult this time is, and it is her goal to make your experience as meaningful and peaceful as possible.

Your appointment may take place in wherever you and your pet are the most comfortable - in their own bed surrounded by family, in their backyard spot,  or on the beach at sunset.

To give you time to prepare, Dr. Mary will call 15-30 minutes prior to her arrival. She will arrive alone, without a technician, and provide you with time alone with your pet throughout her visit.

Dr. Mary will discuss your pet's condition and quality of life, and if we agree that it is time, we will proceed.

Next, Dr. Mary will give your pet an injection of sedating medication beneath the skin or in a muscle. After around 5-10 minutes, when your pet is relaxed and ready, Dr. Mary will administer a second injection which will stop your pet's heart from beating and set them free.

Dr. Mary can provide you with an ink paw print and clipping of fur as mementos.

Small pets will be tucked into a basket for transport, while pets > 40 pounds will require a second person to lift your pet onto a stretcher.  Pets >100 pounds will require two people to lift your pet.   


Virtual Quality of Life Consultation

A 30-minute phone or video discussion of your pet's quality of life and disease progression

It is so hard to know when it is 'time.' It can be helpful to discuss your pet's condition and day-to-day life with a veterinarian. Dr. Mary can listen to your concerns with empathy, and provide you with the assurance you need to plan your pet's future.



Communal and Private Cremation, Transportation to Crematory

Honored Hearts partners with Final Gift, a crematory located in Middleborough, MA.  Dr. Mary has entrusted five of her most beloved pets to Final Gift, and you can do the same.

With Communal Cremation, your pet will be cremated alongside other pets, and their ashes will be spread at sea.

With Private Cremation, your pet will be cremated alone, and only their ashes will be returned to you in a lovely carved wooden urn.  Final Gift is also able to provide clay paw prints and custom urn choices.

Final Gift can return your pet's ashes to your regular veterinarian's office for pick up, to your home by USPS, or you may pick them up at Final Gift in Middleborough, MA. Typically, your pet will be ready to come home within 10-14 days of your visit.

If your pet passes at home, Dr. Mary is able to come to your home, provide you with an ink paw print and fur clipping, and transport your pet to Final Gift.

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